Paul Noel

I have dreamed for many years to finally explore my talent as a painter and I have now come to the point in my life where I can do this full time. Please enjoy the images I present to you and I hope any dialogue we may share will only enhance this journey I have before me.

I am a fine art painter living in Wells, Maine and exhibiting in the New England area.


“My Artistic Destination”

This is a journey I have been waiting for all of my adult life. Having retired recently I can now devote all of my time to the passion of painting . I dabbled for years, here and there, but never had the time or motivation that I have now. I can now paint with a passion and carefree attitude with no distractions. I have taken many courses along the way including a small sojourn to Paris to immerse myself in painting. This was the tipping point to my new life as an artist. It is such a pleasure to go to the Studio every day and explore the images I share with you on this site. I will never stop learning and still plan to take Pleine Aire Courses and continue my objective to be the best I can be.

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