Elizabeth Lazeren

I graduated from the Hartford Art School and taught art while showing my work in local CT galleries. My family vacationed on Cape Cod and my father went on weeklong fishing trips that sailed out of Provincetown. It is a place where I spent many childhood summers…clamming the flats, fishing, wandering the dunes and drawing what I saw. After my Dad died, my Mother moved to Cape Cod. I continued visiting and exploring the island, including frequent stops on the outer Cape. There is where I found a community dedicated to artistic pursuit and a support system that pushed me to “raise the bar” in my work. . After raising a family, I moved to Truro and now I live on this seafaring island …a wild place of whales, big skies and wind swept land formations…and a sheltered studio that hunkers down on land that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean.

When working my canvases, I use memory, experience, and imagination. My paintings have a clarity of mood, but a vague sense of place. Always thinking that less is more, I distill an image in my mind while I'm painting it. I choose elements of painting that are “signature” components of my work: strong use of obliqes, tonal color, transparent layers, a solitary feeling and big energizing skies. The painting process is a journey of choices. Sometimes I make the choices quickly, knowing what strokes come next. Other times I am analyzing and my process slows down. Often I am asked “why” I became a painter. I explain that when I was 9, I was enrolled in Saturday art classes at the Wadsworth Antheneum. My parents thought my drawing was good and drawing was something I was always doing. At the museum, I saw great paintings for the first time. I stared at them over and over and many became “favorites.” After each art lesson, I would explore the museum and seek out the Hudson River landscapes, the huge “Lady of Shallot” painting and a Van Gogh self portrait. Paintings became my imaginary world, yet as I look back, I realize that I was probably absorbing them, mesmerized by their visual impact. As a youngster, I always seemed to be drawing, long after other children stopped drawing. And I kept on doing it and then I painted, and that was amazing, and so I continued painting. I guess I fell ‘in love’ and never looked back. This experience and the alchemy of painting is why I make art. And whenever I am asked “how” I became an artist, I credit my parents. They paid attention to my “strong suit” and introduced me to an art museum at young age…and that's all I needed.

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