Yhanna Coffin


What I love about painting is the immediacy, the responsiveness of paint to my touch, the power of a line or shape to carry a sense of authenticity.

As a process artist I paint to discover what is longing to be born through me. I begin with a color or black, and start putting things in, and then taking things out until I experience a connection. The way an image looks realistically is not a concern. I want to know, does the image or shape carry the delicacy of the emotion, or the intensity of the feeling? The feeling is that I am working blind in the attempt to follow the impulses within myself.

Working in a series helps me to take more chances. When one painting is as far as I can take it, I start the next one. There is a feeling of freedom which allows something unplanned and new to happen.

Yhanna Coffin began her artistic career as a functional potter for ten years, then moved into sculpture for another ten years. She painted on paper during those twenty years as well. It was the immediacy and the responsiveness of paint to her touch that led her to stop being a sculptor and become a painter. She received a diploma from the Boston Museum School in 1983 and an MFA from Hunter College in 1985. While at Hunter her was a studio assistant to Judy Pfaff for one semester.

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