Carole Holcroft

Carole Holcroft


“ I have a passion for design, shape, contrast, color, texture, and fun! It's me. It's who I am. It's a common thread that runs through every part of my life.  ”

The vision and inspiration for her work comes from the organic shapes of nature and architectural shapes in the material world. She is strongly influenced by works of art represented by abstract expressionism and impressionism, along with artists of the Color Field Movement, Rothko, Newman, Frankenthaler and Kelly.

Enjoying the process of experimentation, the freedom allows her to continuously develop a piece of work until she reaches a place of unexpected repose knowing that she has reached both completion and satisfaction.

Her work comes directly from her thoughts, feelings, and mind's eye. Occasionally, she will use an image or photograph as a reference point, but feels at her most creative when there is no intentional image to copy.

Born in Thelwall Cheshire in the United Kingdom and educated at North Cheshire College, she has been a resident of Merrimac Massachusetts USA, for 30 years. She finds the balance of creating art in her studio, plays an important part in the professional growth and development of her coaching practice, Crown Business Coaching Group.

Carole is a member of the Newburyport Art Association where her work has been accepted into the seasonal and regional juried shows since 2010. She is an active member of the Abstract Artist Group of New England and her current abstract works are shown in the annual summer show. Holcroft’s work has also been shown in many juried and non-juried shows at various associations and exhibitions.

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