Nancy LeGendre

Nancy LeGendre

Nancy LeGendre

Nancy LeGendre attempts to distill rock-water-cloud-light into a semi-abstract jigsaw puzzle of color and shape. She hopes to capture the essence of what attracted her attention rather than the specifics of the scene. Like Coakley, LeGendre's response to a scene is often driven by strong color relationships.

I'm inspired to paint “en plein air” on Cape Ann in coastal Massachusetts where I live. Rocks, water, beach and sky provide an endless interplay of shape, color and contrast. Sunlight and clouds add complexity and interest. I'm inspired by pattern and form in nature. My goal is to distill rock-water-cloud-light into a semi–abstract jigsaw puzzle of color, shape and texture. If I succeed, the completed work reflects beauty and structure. Emotion is also important in my work. Just as specific elements in a scene call to me, I want my viewer to feel what moved me when I stood at that place. I use painterly color as my primary tool in capturing and expressing emotion.

All proceeds on sales of my paintings will go to the Family Fund of the Pitt Hopkins Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, MGHfC. Once I receive your payment, I will make a deposit to the clinic Family Fund at MGHfC in the amount of your purchase minus shipping costs.

We have two adult daughters with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder. My husband and I established the first Pitt Hopkins clinic to help families in our community find medical care and guidance from doctors who are familiar with this rare genetic syndrome. Our goal is to help families from outside of New England and even families worldwide to gain access to the unique expertise of the clinic physicians at MGHfC. It is a vastly improved experience to see a specialist who has seen scores of patients with their specific and unique condition versus seeing a specialist who googles your child’s rare syndrome as you enter the physician’s office.

Julia and Lilly are also artists. Their work can be viewed under “Intuitive Art by Julia&Lilly.” Our special daughters have always shown a strong aptitude for mark making. Joyfulness and unbridled energy in applying paint is evident on their canvases. They also share their mother’s love for color, brushwork and intuitive expression.



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