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Nella Lush

Nella Lush


I feel validated with Picasso’s quote, “God is really only another artist, he made the elephant, giraffe and cat. He has no real style but keeps trying new ideas.”

With that said in my own quote I say, “my focus in art is not the subject matter or style, but simply and solely the act of creating.”

My art is an extension of my life, a release of what I feel in that particular moment when I place that first brush stroke, that first mark, that first scribble. It evolves on its own and never following a formula. Even at times when I feel dry of creativity I will go to the canvas and play with colors or just scribbling. I could easily get a photo out and get creative that way but I chose not to do that, I want all that comes out to be mine and mine alone.

Before the internet opened the gates to browsing I felt I was the only one feeling this way, at times I would even say “what’s wrong with me?” Now I realize I am not alone.

With all of us where the traditional, well executed work was our primary focus, have sort of taken another path, the path of liberation, freedom of preconceived ideas and rules.

Whenever I read a statement I feel as if had been easily written by me, because the words ring true to my feelings.

I want viewers to hear music when they view my paintings, to be transported somewhere else and to connect at an emotional level not because of color schemes and decor, I want to give the viewers and collectors more than just that, I want you to dream after all what would life be if we did not dream?


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