Traci Thayne Corbett

Traci Thayne Corbett

Traci Thayne Corbett

I’ve been told I started drawing at age 3. My parents say I drew a poodle that was beyond my years, and that set me down a path of art lessons, art school, and just being “traci the artist”. I think my unnatural obsession with art supplies also has played a part… Art school, marketing jobs and lots of travel, work and life followed… But interspersed between the sales presentations, business trips and team meetings were weekends of painting, and innumerable visits to art supply stores.

In 2011, finding art resources for my 2–year–old daughter was what unexpectedly drew art back to the center of my life. I couldn’t ignore that, as much as I loved teaching my daughter to create, I was pulled to do it myself just as much. Becoming a teacher at our community art centers, Art Haven & the Hive really was the kicker — you can’t teach what you don’t do!

What I have learned in re&ndashfocusing on my art, is that I really enjoy creating pieces for other people. Making art that reflects their love for their child, their partner, their sport, a beloved vacation spot, home or pet offers completely individualized expression to them. Art is a permanent tribute & reminder that becomes a part of your world forever.

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