Eli Cedrone, Live Painting Demo

Eli Cedrone Live Portrait Session at Charles Fine Arts
Sunday, March 26th 2017: 1 – 5


Commissioning a Portrait is an important undertaking for generations to come so it's crucial to make the distinction between merely copying a photo and creating an expressive work of art.

The untrained eye draws a mask, devoid of character and depth. A skilled artist brings the experience of working from life to improve on a photo and imparts the crucial element which the camera cannot express; the soul.

When photographs are used, developing a portrait from a number of references, vs. just copying a single photo is crucial. It’s beneficial to work from life but if not possible it is best to meet the subject in person to prepare preliminary sketches and schedule a photo session.

Give the Gift of Art, Commission your Legacy. Schedule and or arrange for your custom portrait by Eli Cedrone at Charles Fine Arts. To coordinate your commissioned portrait with Eli Cedrone, contact us here at Charles Fine Arts: 978.559.7762 or Send us an email.